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Remote Learning update (Week 4)

Dear Parents and Carers,


As we reach the end of the fourth week of school closure, I wanted to give you another weekly remote learning update.  I would like to convey my admiration and appreciation at the efforts of the all pupils who are remote learning at present, along with the support they’re receiving from families under immense pressure themselves.  I believe the efforts our school community are currently making will help to make the transition back into fulltime education smoother and quicker.


From recent government headlines, it seems remote learning will continue for at least four more weeks (excluding half term).  In order to maintain motivation therefore, an additional element of Microsoft Teams will be introduced gradually from next week in years’ 2-6.


At present, feedback on uploaded work has been done collectively through live ‘Catch-up’ sessions or through comments added to published work on website year group pages.  This will be adapted slightly with the introduction of a couple of tasks a week being set through the Assignments function of Teams.  This enables pupils to edit work set for them and hand work in directly to their teacher who can then add personalised comments before returning it.  These will be anonymous and only for each individual pupil.  A guide on how to use Assignments for pupils and parents is located in the Video Resource Centre or by clicking on the link below:


On the subject of uploaded work, it isn’t our intention to create additional stress or anxiety to a situation which is already challenging enough, both for pupils and parents.  While school will always encourage pupils and parents to undertake tasks and complete work on a weekly basis, we understand that there will be times where home life dictates that a task just can't be completed or a live session couldn’t be attended because of extenuating circumstances.  That’s okay.  We’re here to work with you for the benefit of your children and your family as a whole, particularly in these type of situations.  If we do have genuine concerns, maybe where a child hasn’t engaged with their learning for a prolonged period of time, we will always contact that family to enquire as to how we can be of help.    


Finally, just a couple of additional updates.  Staff have asked if photographs can be converted to JPEGs, rather than PDFs before being uploaded please.  This is so work can be easily published on the website without having to change the format.  Also, following on from a point raised in last week's update in relation to communal spaces being used by pupils during live sessions, where possible, could children not change their backgrounds during these meetings?  Thank you. 


As always, thank you for taking the time to read this update.  Take care and stay safe.


Mr Hornsey 

Deputy Headteacher