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Remote Learning update

Dear Parents and Carers,


We would like to say a massive thank you to all parents for the continued support you’ve given to Greswold this week, in encouraging your children to engage with remote learning, for helping them to access resources and sessions, and for the constructive feedback we’ve received from several of you over the past couple of weeks.  Considering many of you are having to balance this support with your own working commitments, or have multiple children, some attending different schools, it makes your efforts all the more impressive.


Whether at home or on site, staff have been working tirelessly to provide pupils with impactful learning opportunities.  At the same time, they’ve been developing new systems, improving remote learning approaches and refining their use of technology, in order to fully meet the needs of a school community enduring a very challenging situation.


As a result of their endeavours, pupils will begin to see new editions to their weekly lessons as school starts ramping up its provision.  The use of live sessions, amongst other approaches, will increase next week with more ‘drop in’ sessions being made available in years’ 2 – 6, to help personalise learning for pupils as and when needed.  These sessions will be signposted on the weekly timetable available on year group website pages. 


Year 1 and Reception parents will also be receiving pupil usernames and passwords over the next week, enabling them to eventually participate in live Teams sessions when their classes begin trialling them soon.  On the subject of usernames or passwords, if any have been forgotten, mislaid or locked for any reason, for any of the platforms we regularly use at school, please contact the school office by email and these will be reset.


Parents may also have noticed already that for some children, several of their live sessions don’t actually involve their own class teacher.  This is because a significant number of our school staff are still required in school to teach the pupils of critical workers, vulnerable pupils and Nursery children, which understandably reduces their chances to co-ordinate a live session if teaching a bubble at the same time.


Finally, Greswold’s updated policy and Remote Learning Offer to Parents will soon be available online once approved by the Governing Body.  The school community will be notified immediately when these documents are published on our school website.


Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding and please stay safe.    


Mr Hornsey