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The Living Streets' Travel Tracker returns to Greswold!

In March this year, Greswold launched the very successful Active Travel Campaign, a three month event which aimed to promote the benefits of travelling to and from school in an active manner.  The event utilised a special website which helped to track children's progress.  Some children who earned a WOW badge from doing this still wear them with pride today!  


Therefore, we have decided to relaunch the Travel Tracker so that children and their families can start logging their methods of travel again.  However, this time children can earn a WOW badge each month by simply travelling actively to and from school just once a week!


Our year 6 team of Junior Travel Ambassadors will assist Mr Hornsey in monitoring the Travel Tracker and giving out WOW badges to pupils when they have earned them.  What's more is that this year's history-themed badges are all completely new and the children will have plenty of time to earn them, as we plan on continuing the Travel Tracker for the rest of the school year! 


Admittedly, Greswold does use the Travel Tracker differently to other schools, in the way journeys are recorded.  We give out password details to parents so they can log journeys from devices at home.  It saves time and gives a sense of ownership and responsibility to the children.  However, if for some reason, children need to do this at school, the JTA's will be available during the week to do this for them, if needed.  Instructions on how to log journeys are located in the photo gallery below.  


For your information, Park & Stride refers to those vehicle users who park at venues associated with school, including The Hub on Hermitage Road and St Helen's Church.  Those vehicle users who park between 5 and 10minute walk away can also consider using this option if they feel their child has walked a reasonable distance from the car to school.  The start date for logging journeys on the Travel Tracker is Monday 14th November.  You can scroll back and fill in days you've missed from this date but you won't be able to log travel on days before this date. 


Good luck everyone!