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Updated Travel Tracker instructions

Dear Parents and Carers,


Due to the ongoing problem pupils and families are experiencing when accessing Travel Tracker, below are some updated instructions:


(1) It’s really important that families and pupils only use the Classroom Login screen.  If for some reason, you find yourself on the Account Login screen which requires a username as well as a password, simply click on Recorder Login function at the bottom of the screen.  If you type in Living Streets Travel Tracker classroom into your search engine and click on the first option, it should take you straight to the correct page.


(2) Type in the new password viper-zebra-elite into the Classroom Login box.


(3) Click on your child's year group and class then click on individual (not batch) and your child’s symbol to log their travel.


(4) You can then go back to previous days using the calendar function in the top left hand corner of the screen and fill in any day you've missed.