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Walk to School Month starts next week

Monday 25th March marks the start of Greswold's Walk to School Month.  Your child will receive a Stroll n Roll booklet to record how they travelled to school and back home again.  They will have to walk, cycle or scoot to get a tick, with a sticker being awarded once five ticks have been achieved. The sticker is attached to a class chart with the first class reaching the end rewarded with a trophy.  


For parents who live too far away to walk, the two Park and Stride venues (St Helen's Church and the Redhouse Public House) will enable families to walk the rest of the way to and from school and therefore still achieve their ticks.  Pupils from families who use a bus service will still achieve a sticker as they will have to walk the rest of the way from the bus stop.    


In Unison with the Stroll n Roll initiative, children can also record their mode of transport on Travel Tracker at school with a badge being awarded to those who choose a healthy travel option at least once a week across a four week period.  This initiative, organised by school in partnership with a charity for everyday walking will be further explained and promoted to the children on Wednesday when a representative from Living Streets will visit to take an assembly.