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Year 6 enjoy a memorable learning experience at RAF Cosford

Yesterday, year 6 pupils visited RAF Cosford in Shropshire to help introduce and immerse them in this term's History topic, all about World War II, how people's lives were affected and where this significant event had the biggest impact in our locality.


The opportunity to learn about the Blitz and the Battle of Britain, which countries were involved, and learning about the roles that both men and women played in WW2 was extremely intriguing! The children then had the opportunity to view and learn about some of the aircraft used during that period including the Hurricane and the Spitfire. A few incredibly lucky children even got the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of some of these memorable planes in the museum!


The pupils also took part in a STEM activity to make a rocket, and competed against each other to see who could get them to fly the furthest based on the aerodynamics of their model. Using a launchpad and selecting the air pressure they wanted to fly at, children could launch their rockets!


The children had a very memorable day and they can now use what they have learned back in  school within their lessons for the rest of the term. The children themselves were a credit to Greswold and their families, as they perfectly demonstrated our values throughout the day. 


Thank you to the year 6 staff who organised such an immersive and memorable visit, a perfect way of promoting the children's enthusiasm and curiosity for not just History but Science as well!