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Year 6 pupils continue their 'lifelong' learning through Bikeability

This week, school has provided our year 6 pupils a cycling opportunity which is the first of its kind at Greswold!  They've had the opportunity to pass their Level 3 Bikeability certificate, something usually reserved for secondary aged pupils. 


The Bikeability Level 3 course aims to develop riders’ skills and confidence so they can ride in diverse road environments, including complex, often busy roads and junctions, sometimes with speed limits above 30 mph. Successful demonstration of National Standard assessment criteria in Bikeability Level 2 (which the children complete in year 5) is a prerequisite for participation in Bikeability Level 3.


The pupils have done exceedingly well cycling on the roads around school, whilst traffic passes by and are now increasingly confident in their own skills and ability in such an important lifelong learning situation.  In total, 70 children passed which is fabulous.   Well done everyone.