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African Animals Websites

DK Find Out - Savanna habitat
Twinkl - All about the Savanna
Folly Farm - African Lion - Lots of facts about lions.
Twinkl - All about the Savanna
DK Find Out - African lion facts for kids.
National Geographic Kids - 10 facts about lions.
Easy Science for Kids - Lion facts for kids.
DK Find Out - Elephants.
National Geographic Kids - Unforgettable elephant facts.
Cool Kid Facts - Lots of facts about elephants.
National Geographic Kids - 10 leopard facts.
DK Find Out - Leopards.
Cool Kid Facts - Leopard facts.
National Geographic Kids - Rhino facts.
Active Wild - Black rhino facts for kids.
Science Kids - Fun facts about rhinos.
DK Find Out - African buffalo facts.
Soft Schools - Facts about the African buffalo.
Active Wild - Buffalo facts.