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Year 2

Rabbits (Mr Chater and Mrs Bevan), Otters (Miss Sumner and Miss Pearson) and Badgers (Mrs Croft and Mrs Mayse)

Year 2 Learning


Welcome to Year 2! We hope parents will find this page useful to find out what is going on in school.


Week beginning 3/2/20


Maths - The children solving problems involving money including finding totals, comparing amounts of money and giving change.

English - This week we will be visited by a traditional storyteller on Monday. We will be writing some stories based on the story that she shares with the children.

Spelling - Words with -eer saying ear (e.g. cheer) and -ture saying cher (e.g. adventure).

Foundation Subjects for this half term


Topic - Polar regions - We will be finding out about what life is like in the Arctic and Antarctic. The children will be exploring the physical and human geography then comparing life in Solihull to towns in these cold environments. 

Science - The children will be conducting experiments linked to the topic of Polar regions including finding the best materials for insulation. They will also research the plants and animals that live at the Arctic and Antarctic.

Computing - The children be developing their mouse control skills. They will be using Microsoft Paint to create a range of pieces of artwork digitally. 

Indoor PE - The focus is gymnastic skills and the children will be learning a sequence to perform. 

Outdoor PE - The children will be developing their striking and fielding skills e.g. cricket, rounding. 

Art - We will be developing the children's sketching and painting skills. 

RE - This half term the children will be learning about how Jesus showed his authority.

PSD - The theme is Celebrating Differences. The children will think about friendships and making friends. They will also discuss the consequences of unacceptable behaviour and bullying. 


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