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Year 2

Rabbits (Mr Chater and Mrs Bevan), Otters (Mrs Frankland and Mrs Farrell) and Badgers (Miss Smith and Mrs Mayse)

Year 2 Remote Learning
Year 2 Learning


Week beginning 18/10/21


English - This week we will be reading the story of 'A Dog's Day' and practising comprehension skills. We will also be wrting our own poems to the rhythm of 'London's Burning'.

Maths - We will be practising addition facts and number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.


Foundation Subjects for this half term


History -  The Great Fire of London. The children will be learning about how the Great Fire of London started, why it spread and how people at the time fought the fire. They will also be looking at different historical sources that have been used to find out about the fire and what lessons were learnt in the aftermath.

Science - Materials. We will be investigating a range of materials and their properties. The children will be completing tests to see which materials are the most suitable for different purposes.

PE - Indoor PE is dance based on stories by Julia Donaldson and the Great Fire of London. In our outdoor sessions, we will be focusing on developing footwork and balance skills.

RE - Choices - We will explore how laws and rules have come from religious texts. The children will also hear a range of religious stories exploring moral themes.

PSD -  The theme is Being Me in My World - The children will reflect on making choices about their behaviour and the impact their behaviour has on others. We will also be focusing on our class learning charters which are the rule we decide upon for each class.

Computing - Online research - We will be using different websites to find out about the Great Fire of London. We will discuss how some websites are aimed at children and the importance of using 

Music - The children will be joining in with a range of songs and combining sounds to create compositions.

Please, please, please put your child's name in their uniform. No one is claiming these jumpers and cardigans and none of them have a name in.

Spellings and Homework



As we have an Inset day on Friday, this week the spellings will be tested on Thursday.



Homework is set each Friday and needs to be completed by the following Friday. 



This week we will be practising number facts. Please support your child to learn the addition facts on the document below. Start with the Y1 facts and progress to the Y2 ones if they are confident. We are working towards instant recall of these facts, so the children should be able to say the answers with speed, instead of counting on their fingers.


They could also use this interactive game to practise quick recall of number facts:

Hit the Button

Select the number bond section and practise the following:

- Make 10

- Addition within 10

- Make 20

- Addition within 20


Useful Websites and Videos
Class Routines

PPA morning - Rabbits will be taught by Mrs Croft, Otters by Mr Jones and Badgers by Mrs Jones.

Library day - Children should being in their Library books to be changed.


Badgers - Outdoor PE


Otters - Outdoor PE


Rabbits - Indoor PE

Badgers - Indoor PE


Otters - Indoor PE


Rabbits - Outdoor PE

Spelling test.


New spellings and homework set.


Children should come dressed in their PE kits on their PE days shown above.

Each day your child should bring:

•    Coat
•    Water bottle
•    Trainers (These are for the Daily dash and outdoor PE. They can be left on their pegs to change into when needed)
•    Book bag (if it is their book bag day starting w.b. 20/9/21)

 Indoor PE dayOutdoor PE day
Come to school dressed in:

•    White PE t-shirt
•    Blue PE sweatshirt
•    Blue PE shorts with navy / black joggers over the top
•    White socks
•    Shoes / trainers for wearing outside and around school


Bring black pumps / plimsolls to change into (or bare feet). These can be left in school.

•    White PE t-shirt
•    Blue PE sweatshirt
•    Navy / black joggers
•    White socks
•    Shoes / trainers for wearing outside and around school
For lessons your child will wear:•    White PE t-shirt
•    Blue PE shorts
•    White socks
•    Pumps / bare feet
•    White PE t-shirt
•    Blue PE sweatshirt
•    Navy / black joggers
•    Trainers (kept in school for Daily Dash)