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The Anglo-Saxons


BBC Bitesize - Lots of information about the Anglo-Saxons including videos and activities.

BBC Schools Radio - Seven animated dramas exploring the time of the Anglo-Saxons in England, including the story of Beowulf.

Primary Homework Help - Information about the Anglo-Saxons - look at the bottom of the page for questions you can find the answers to on the site.

Kiddle Anglo-Saxons - Facts about the Anglo-Saxons and images to explore.

Twinkl Homework Help - How did the Anglo-Saxons live?

Early British Kingdoms for Kids - This site has lots of details about life in Anglo-Saxon times. It also covers other British kingdoms, so make sure you look out for the pages that relate to the Anglo-Saxons.

Cotswold Archaeology Virtual Museum - Explore a range of Anglo-Saxon artefacts.

National Geographic Kids - Awesome Anglo-Saxon facts.

The Beano - 10 facts about the Anglo-Saxons.

Invasion, Invasion, Invasion | Smashing Saxons | Horrible Histories

What Was Life Like? | Episode 3: Anglo-Saxons - Meet an Anglo-Saxon Warrior


Ancient Maya

Twinkl Go - AR models to explore. Use code RL3172


These websites can help you research the Maya civilisation.


BBC Bitesize - Maya civilisation - Lots of information about the Maya and their civilisation.

BBC Class Clips - An introduction to the Maya civilisation - A video introducing the ancient Maya.

BBC Class Clips - What did the Maya eat? - A video about Maya food.

BBC Class Clips - What did Maya houses and buildings look like? - A video about the architecture of the Maya.

BBC Class Clips - Fashion in the Maya civilisation - A video about clothes worn by the Maya.

DK find out - The Maya civilisation - Click on the pictures on the map to find out more about the civilisation.

Maya Archaeologist - This website is written by an archaeologist who has visited the sites of the ancient Maya. It contains lots of pictures and information. 

Stratford Butterfly Farm - Information about the Maya including writing and food.

Kiddle - Maya civilisation (Ads) - Information about the Maya and pictures of objects to find out about.3

Ducksters - Information about the Maya (Ads) - This American website has facts about what life was like in the time of the Maya.

Mr Donn Maya (Ads) - This website has information about topics including festivals, myths and pottery.


Creative activities


Information about Maya art

Maya Archaeologist - Craft ideas

Pictures of the Bonampak murals - You can try to copy a part of this mural

Maidstone Museum Maya activity pack - Has information about the Maya or scroll to page 16 for a weaving idea.

The Met Museum - You can look at some high quality pictures of Maya objects.

Images by Dan Fenelon, inspired by Maya art. You can use these to inspire your own artwork.

How to Draw a Mayan Mask

Exploring Mayan Art with Julio Gonzalez

This video has a number of different art projects.