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Times tables links

Below are some useful links for helping your child with times-tables at home:


Times tables games (tablet friendly)

These games should work on iPads and Android tablets.



Top Marks - Hit the button

You can use this game to learn times tables. It also features doubles, halves, division facts and square numbers.


Top Marks - Number fact families

Choose multiplication and division options then drag and drop to create facts.


Times tables games (not tablet friendly)


These games work on Windows or Chrome PCs and most need Flash Player installed. To get them to work on iPads or Android tablets, you can use Puffin browser


Learn your tables

Select a times table from 2 to 10 to practise. Select the drag option then drag the questions onto the answers.


Beatbox Times Tables

Choose a table to from 1 to 12. Listen to the tables being recited. Add instruments to the performance.


ICT Games - Tables Shooter

Select the times table you want to practise. Use the arrow keys to point your spitfire towards the correct answer.


Times tables apps

Dorling Kindersley - 10 Minutes a Day - This free app lets you learn times tables from 2 to 12.

It is available for iPad and Android.


Other times tables websites

These sites have ideas for learning times tables, sheets to print and other resources.


Maths is Fun - Learn your times tables (Adverts)

This website has tips for learning your times tables and some worksheets to print.


Maths Salamanders - Times Tables (Adverts)

This site has lots of worksheets and games to print out to practise times tables.