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Year 4

Nightingales (Mr Wilson), Skylarks (Mr Iles) and Chaffinches (Mrs Mills)

Year 4 Remote Learning
Welcome to Year 4


Brass instruments

The children are almost ready to bring their brass instruments home and a letter will be coming home this week to set out expectations for how they are looked after out of school. The slip at the bottom of the letter needs to be brought back to school before the children can bring their instrument home and so we would appreciate these coming back in as soon as possible. Nightingales will need to bring their instruments back in on a Thursday, and Skylarks and Chaffinches will need to bring their instruments back on a Friday. They will be stored in school for the day and bought home that evening for the children to practice at home. Practising at home would be really beneficial for the children and we would appreciate your support in encouraging them to do so! 

Reading at Home

Please continue to use the MyOn EBook library for reading at home.  Your child's individual log in details are now ready.  They are the same as their Accelerated Reader account logins.  Please contact your child's class teacher or Mrs Beddow via the school office if you would like these to be sent out again in an app message.

If you would like some help with what to choose to read, please send Mrs Beddow a message via the school office. 


Year 4 News

This week we are learning about...

Maths - Time, then moving onto Shape

English - Tudor Playscripts

Science - Statistics

History - The Terrible Tudors

RE - Natural art installations

PSD - The Great Growing Up Adventure

Music - Brass

PE - Health and Fitness skills


Class Routines



  • Chaffinches in PE Kit
  • Water bottle
  • Coat
  • Skylarks in PE Kit
  • Water bottle
  • Coat
  • Nightingales in PE Kit
  • Water bottle
  • Coat
  • Swimming kit for some
  • All children in PE Kit
  • Water bottle
  • Coat       
  • Nightingales - Brass                       
  • Water bottle
  • Coat         
  • Homework
  • Skylarks and Chaffinches - Brass              


As explained in our teacher presentation, on the day your child has PE, they must come into school in their PE kit. As they will already have trainers in school they can come into school in their school shoes and change into their trainers for the PE lesson. 

Outdoor PE Kit - Boys and Girls (Reception - Year 6)

In addition to the indoor kit, children from Year 1 upwards require:

  • Sweatshirt with school crest
  • Tracksuit bottoms (plain navy or black)


All children will need to keep a pair of trainers in school in a named bag. These will be used for the Daily Dash or outdoor learning.




Year 3 and 4 statutory word list - to be tested on Friday 16 July

Class Photos


Year 4 Highlights


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