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Remote learning - w.b. 15.11.21

Monday 15.11.21


Spelling - Long /oa/ sound


There are different ways we can spell the long o sound. You can watch the video below to revise the different ways (though the song is a bit annoying).

Now have a look at the presentation to look at when we use the different ways of spelling long /oa/. You can use the learning task in the presentation or print it below. The answers are included on page 2.

English - Subordinating conjunctions


Following on from the learning last week about coordinating conjunctions, in this lesson you will learn about how to use because, when, if and that.


You will need some lined paper and a pencil for this lesson. There are places to pause the video to write sentences down.


Click here to watch the video.


You can then choose a learning task from below.


This task has been set on Teams so you can submit your work for feedback. Alternatively, you can edit the worksheet in Teams.

Maths - Subtracting ones from a 2-digit number


Last week you were learning how to subtract a one digit number from a 2-digit number. The video below goes through some strategies you can use. 


Once you have watched the video you can try the number problems below. The mild sheet has a bead string on it that you can use to help you solve the problems.

Below is a challenge activity if you would like to try it.

Guided Reading


This week we are reading the story Supertato. Today you are going to look at some of the key vocabulary from the story. You will need lined paper and a pencil for this lesson.


Click here to watch a video lesson.

Kindness Week - Activity 1


This week we are celebrating Kindness Week at Greswold.


BBC Newsround has a page dedicated to kindness. There are two videos to watch in witch children discuss kindness and why it is important. Click here to visit the page.


Can you draw a picture showing some times when someone was kind to you? If you would like to you can also write about what happened.

Tuesday 16.11.21


Spelling - Long and short o sounds


You will need lined paper and a pencil for this lesson. Optionally, you can print the sheet below (or just look at the task on the screen). 

Yesterday you went through some of the ways you can make the long o sound. Some words just use o on its own. Look through the presentation then sort the words into short and long o sounds.

English - Using conjunctions to write sentences about The Snow Queen


Now you are becoming a conjunction expert, you can use some of the conjunctions to write sentences. Get a piece of lined paper and a pencil for this lesson. Watch the video then try one of the tasks below. You can read the tasks on-screen or optionally print them. Note that Mild really needs to be printed as it is a cut and stick activity.


Click here to watch the video lesson.

Maths - Related facts


We can use place value to help us solve problems.


If we know that 4 + 3 = 7, we can use that to work out 40 + 30 = 70.


Watch the video below from White Rose then choose one of the tasks below to complete. Note that you won't have the worksheets to complete it says - use the ones below instead.


This task has been set on Teams so submit your learning for feedback.

Guided Reading


Today you are going to listen to the story of Supertato. Click on the video below to listen to the story.


Can you spot the vocabulary from yesterday? Listen out for these words and phrases:

  • distress
  • cornered
  • one the loose
  • commit terrible crimes
  • vanished
  • caught his eye
  • icy depths
  • cornered
  • escapee

Supertato read By Klair. written and ilustrated by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet



You need lined paper and a pencil for this lesson.


Join in with Mrs Frankland and recap writing one-armed robot letters. Try to write a line of each letter.


Click here to watch the video lesson.

Science - Recycling


We are looking ways of reducing waste. Look at the presentation below and watch the videos to find out more about recycling.


Can you sort the pictures into which bin they should go in?


Finish by writing down what you can recycle onto lined paper.

Kindness Week activity 2


Try to do something kind for someone else in your household. It could be tidying your room. You might like to ask if someone in your house would like help with anything.

Wednesday 17.11.21

Spelling - Long /oa/ sounds


This week you have been revising the different ways you can make the long /oa/ sound. In the activity below you need to first spot the correct spellings of words. You can write them down on a piece of paper.


Afterwards there are some sentences with some of the punctuation wrong as well as spelling mistakes. Can you correct these?

English - Retelling The Snow Queen (Part 1)


Over the next two days you are going to be retelling the story of The Snow Queen. The video lesson takes you through writing the story using some conjunctions. You can also use the sheets below to help you. Please note you are only completing the first part of the story today.


Click here to watch the video lesson. Sorry the sound didn't work. It has now been fixed.


Please only use the first side of the sheet today (page 1 of 2).


For the Mild task - you can print the sheet and complete the end of each sentences.

For the Spicy task - you have some sentence starters you can use.

For the Hot task - just use the pictures for ideas and write your own sentences.

Maths - Reasoning problems


Yesterday you looked at finding related calculations. For example, if you know 6 - 4 = 2 you can use this to work out 60 - 40 = 20.


Below is a sheet with some reasoning problems on. You can print the sheet or write down your answers on a piece of paper.

If you have finished the reasoning problems, you might like to try the game Karate Cats Maths from the BBC.


Click here to play the game.

Guided Reading


Yesterday you listened to the story of Supertato. Look at the presentation below. It links to a different retelling of the story. You can listen to this version of the story then try to answer some questions. You can write down your answers on a piece of paper if you would like to.

Kindness Week activity 3


Below are 40 acts of kindness. Have a look through and choose your favourite 5 ideas. Draw a poster with these five ideas on.

PE - Jumping and bouncing


If you have a garden or can find a suitable space in your house, you can try these two activities from the Infant Agility competition. See the videos below.


With the bounce activity, you don't need a wedge. Try jumping over some socks or something else soft. Can you improve how many times you can jump left and right?


With the jumping activity - mark how far you get each time using something like a sock or other marker. Again, can you improve how far you jump?

Infant Agility - The Bouncer

Infant Agility - The Bouncer

Infant agility- The Jumper

Infant agility- The Jumper

Thursday 18.11.21

Spelling - Long /oa/ sound


This week you have been learning about the long /oa/ sound and the different ways it can be made.


Below is a story containing lots of works with the long vowel o. Can you highlight or write down all of the words you find?


Note that the answers are on pages 4 and 5 so don't cheat. You can check your answers when you have finished.

English - Retelling the Snow Queen 2


Yesterday you started to retell the story of The Snow Queen. Today you are going to complete the story. You will need the work from yesterday. If you printed the sheets from yesterday, you will need page 2 today. 


Click here to watch the video lesson.


You can submit your finished work on Teams for feedback.

Maths - 10 more and 10 less


Good news! We now have the White Rose worksheets so your learning task can match the videos. Watch the video and try to complete the task below.


There is also a 100 square below that you might find useful.

Guided Reading


In today's lesson you are going to compare the story of Supertato to other stories in the series. Listen to one or both of the stories below. Once you have finished watching the stories, create a list of things that are similar and things that are different or use the sheet below to compare the stories.

Supertato - Veggies in the Valley of Doom

Supertato - Run Veggies Run

Kindness Week - Activity 4


As part of our Kindness Week we always think about what bullying is. Have a look through the presentation below then watch the video. Make sure you are clear about how you can recognise bullying.

Conflict vs Bullying

PE - A bit of yoga


Join in with the Cosmic Yoga lesson.

Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Music - Finding the pulse


Get musical with this lesson from the Oak Academy about finding the pulse of different songs.


Click here to go to the lesson.

Friday 19.11.21



Today you would normally be doing your spelling test. Have a look at this week's word list. See if an adult can test you on the words or test yourself.

English - Expanded noun phrases


Today we are going to recap how to write expanded noun phrases. Get a piece of lined paper and a pencil to join in with the video lesson.


Click here for the video lesson.


You can use the examples on screen or use the sheet below to write your sentences.

Maths - Add and subtract tens


In today's Maths lessons you will learn to add and subtract tens. Watch the video then try the questions below.

Art - Matchstick characters


Last week we started to look at the artist Lowry. Watch the video below to see how to draw characters in perspective getting smaller to make them look like they are further away. There are also some characters you can copy.

Computing - Scratch Jr


In Computing you have started to learn how to code using the Scratch Jr app. With parental permission, you can download the app for Apple iOS if you have an iPad or an Android device.


If you have the Scratch Jr app, you can try to complete the lesson below including the different learning tasks.

Optionally, you might like to try these activities on . These don't require an app but you will need to read the instructions. You can take these lessons at your own pace.


If you started these activities last week, you might like to carry on from where you finished.