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Remote Learning - w.b. 7.2.22




This week we are continuing to learn about spelling suffixes. Today you are learning how to add suffixes to words that end in e. Get a piece of paper and a paper to join in with this video lesson with Mr Chater.


Click here for the lesson.

English - A recap of conjunctions


Today we are going to go through how to use the conjunctions because, when, if and that again. Click to watch the video lesson with Mr Chater, then complete the work onto a piece of paper. You can either read the questions from screen or print them below.


Click here to go to the video lesson.

English - Writing the introduction to a report about Inuit


Over the next two days, you are going to be writing a report about Inuit. There isn't a video for this lesson.


Click below to look at an example report and then find out about Inuit.


In a report, you will need a heading Inuit at the top of your page. Today you can start with the introduction to say who the Inuit are. When you are ready, write your introduction on a piece of lined paper. 

Topic - Antarctic Explorers


We've found out lots about the Arctic so far, but what about the Antarctic and the South Pole. Today you are going to learn about this continent and one of the famous explorers who visited.


Click here to visit the BBC Bitesize website to find out about Antarctica.


When you have finished finding out about Antarctica, the video lesson below looks at a famous explorer called Robert Falcon Scott and about exploring the Antarctic.


Click here to watch the lesson with Mr Chater.


For a challenge, you can write a letter pretending to be an Antarctic explorer. What is it like in the Antarctic? What can you see on your adventure? What things have you taken with you? You could even film yourself pretending to be an adventurer.

Music - Tempo


Find out about tempo in this lesson from the Oak Academy.


Click here to watch the lesson.