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Remote learning - w.b. 8.11.21

A creative project


We have now finished our learning about the Great Fire of London. You should be an expert about the event that changed London forever.


Can you prove that you are an expert by creating something that showcases your learning? It could be a video with you presenting, a play, a poster or a book all about the fire. You can be as creative as you like.


Remember there are websites about the Great Fire of London here.





We are looking at different ways to make the long /igh/ sound. One way is by using the split digraph i-e.


First look a the PowerPoint to read the real and alien words that have the long /igh/ sound.


Then try to match the words to the pictures.

  Mild - cut and stick.

  Spicy - write them out yourself.

  Hot - use some of the words in sentences. 



Over the next few weeks we are reading the story of The Snow Queen. You can use the video lesson below to listen to the story and focus on sequencing.


Click here to watch the video lesson.


Once you have finished watching the video, you can choose mild, spicy or hot from below. If you don't have access to a printer, just write down the numbers for the order of the sentences.


Maths - Adding 1s to a 2-digit number (crossing tens)


Today is a recap of how to add ones to a 2-digit number and cross a tens.


This video from the Oak Academy takes you through the strategy for solving a problem like 35 + 7.


Once you have watch the video, you can try to complete the questions below.

Handwriting - Curly caterpillar letter revision


You will need some lined paper for this lesson.


Watch the videos below and follow along with Mrs Farrell. Can you complete a line of each of the letters?


Click here to watch part 1

Click here to watch part 2

Science - Seasonal changes


In Science, we have started to think about seasonal changes and the plants and animals we can find in the Autumn.


Watch the videos on the BBC website here:


Can you draw a picture of a tree showing what it would look like in the Autumn? Can you add anything else you might find in the Autumn? Add some labels and colour to make it look fantastic. 





Today we would be doing our spelling test for the week.


You can have a look at the spelling list and then you can either test yourself or ask if an adult can test you.

English - Grammar - Conjunctions and, but and or


For this lesson you need some lined paper and a pencil to write with. In Year 1 you learnt about how you can use conjunctions to link ideas together. This lesson recaps this learning.


Watch the video lesson here or look at the PowerPoint below which takes you through how to use conjunctions.


You can then try to complete one of the activities onto a piece of paper.


[This task has been set on Teams as an assignment so upload your work for feedback]

Maths - Subtracting crossing 10


Watch the video from White Rose below:

Aut2.7.3 - Subtraction crossing 10

This is "Aut2.7.3 - Subtraction crossing 10" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Once you have finished watching the video you can try one of these tasks. You could use coins, Lego or other things you have around the house to make tens frames if you need them to help your calculations.



If you have some pencils, pens or crayons and some plain paper please get some together for this lesson.


This lesson from the Oak Academy takes you through what it means to be 'good' at drawing. Watch the video and try the challenges.


If you would like to, try to draw one of your favourite toys. 

Computing - Scratch Jr


Last week we started to learn about how to code using the Scratch Jr app. With parental permission, you can download the app for Apple iOS if you have an iPad or an Android device.


If you have the Scratch Jr app, you can try to complete the lesson below including the different learning tasks.

Optionally, you might like to try these activities on . These don't require an app but you will need to read the instructions. You can take these lessons at your own pace but you might like to try the sequencing tasks.