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Week 1 (beginning 6.9.21)




Look through the pdf below going over the slides we'd be covering in school. Have a go at the questions on the slides as you go along.



L: To plan a character

Look at the slides below about superheros. Then, either use the template or just paper to create your own!


L: Who were the Ancient Greeks?

Firstly, create a mindmap of everything you know about the Ancient Greeks. Don't worry if it's not a lot! Then, use a different colour to add in any questions about the Ancient Greeks that you'd like to know the answer to. If you can send your finished mind map it, that would be useful for your book!

Finally, conduct research to create a timeline of important events that happened during Ancient Greek times. 




Try to complete the arithmetic questions on the paper below. The answers are at the end of the paper, so you can mark it afterwards if you like.


L: To plan a character description

Read through the slides about writing a character description and complete the tasks outlined.


L: To be curious about a famous Scientist

Firstly, complete or draw out the mindmap below outlining anything you already know about forces as well as anything you want to learn.

Then, watch the BBC Teach clip here to learn about Isaac Newton. Finally, create a short fact tile about Isaac Newton and his work - you may need to do some more research independently for this!




Log onto Mathletics and have a go at the Expanded Notation task and the Integers on a Number Line task in the Place Value topic.



Have a go at the reading comprehension below about The Kangaroo Kid.


Complete the Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 Oak Academy lessons here. This will teach you to talk about your nationality, home country and language in French.