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Week 3, beginning 15.11.21



We are moving on to a new topic of multiplication. Before we actually complete multiplication questions, we need to look at the basic skills of multiples, factors, prime numbers etc. Today we are starting with multiples and how to identify them.

English - Grammar

Read through the powerpoint all about relative clauses and then have a go at completing the worksheet.

Kindness Week activity

This week at school is Kindness Week. Have a go at creating a timetable for 'random acts of kindness'. Look at the example to help you come up with ideas. As you go through the week, tick off the acts you have completed.



Today we are looking at factors and factor pairs. Work your way through the powerpoint and then have a go at some of the activity sheets.


Our focus in PSD this week is anti-bullying. Have a think about what bullying is and what you know about it. Below is a powerpoint we are going to look at in class assembly. After, reading through it, either design a poster about anti-bullying and what you can do to help or have a go at creating an acrostic poem on anti-bullying.


Here is also a link with lots of useful information:


Work your way through this Oak Academy lesson with a focus on passing and receiving in an invasion game setting. 



Today we are looking at prime numbers - numbers that are only divisible by one and itself. Read through the powerpoint and see if you can colour in all of the prime numbers on the number square. Then,see if you can be a Prime Detective, solving the clues to work out who sabotaged the singing contest. 


L: Plan a letter of application


Today in class we will be planning a letter to apply to be an astronaut! You will need to gather ideas and think of reasons why they should choose you.

1. Read the 'Time Peake - apply to be an astronaut task sheet'


2. Write a list of examples and ideas of things you could write in your letter, which show you can do what they are looking for, e.g.  I play for a football team, as a defender, it is important that I work with the rest of the team so we are successful

or I am very interested and curious to learn more about our universe.


3. Look at the 'How to write a formal letter' PowerPoint and plan out how you will lay out your letter (intro, reasons they should choose you, closing statement') What will you include in each part?


L: Understand the phases the moon

In Science this week we are learning about phases of the moon. Read through the ppt and watch the video. Then have a go at the labelling activity. You could also have a go at making the moon spinner.

During the next month keep an eye on the sky and watch how the moon appears to change!



Have a go at this weeks arithmetic paper. Once you've completed it, mark it and see how you got on.


Today you need to have a go at writing your formal letter of application. Remind yourself of what a letter should look using the links from yesterday and check the writing checklist below. You can either use the template or have a go writing it from scratch.


French food word search.

Last week you completed an activity matching foods to the French word for them (if you didn't complete this, you will need to go back to last week to find it) Using the words you learnt last week, create a word search or crossword. See if someone at home can solve it, or you can bring it into school to show Mrs Jones next week! 



Go onto Mathletics and check that you have completed all of the tasks that have been set. If you have already completed them all, pick an area that you feel less confident in to work on.



Complete the comprehension below about the Moon. You can pick your challenge!


Look at the slides below and have a go at the task outlined.

Kindness Week

It is important to be kind to yourself as well as others! Complete some mindfulness drawing/colouring.