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Week 5 beginning 28.3.22


Today in class we will be completing a reading assessment. We would like to have a go at home and bring it in to school when you are back. You need to give yourself an hour to complete it. However, you might want to split that up into 3 chunks for fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We would recommend 25 minutes for fiction, 20 minutes for non-fiction and 15 minutes for the poetry. We have given you the mark scheme to check your answers... but no cheating! 


L: Rounding decimals

In this lesson, you are going to learn about rounding decimals. Look through the Powerpoint below, then give the worksheet a try. The answers are there for you to mark afterwards!


L: What is asexual reproduction?

Firstly, watch the Oak Academy video here on asexual reproduction. Then, look through the Powerpoint below. You will need to plan your own experiment around asexual reproduction. This could be: taking cuttings of flowers and seeing if the amount of light makes a difference to their growth or taking cuttings of different plants and seeing which can grow from those cuttings, among other things. The task is outlined on the Powerpoint.



In Guided Reading this week we will be reading from Chapter 9 to 16 of 'Street Child'. Please continue to read the book at home, so you are in the same place when you come back to school.  


L: Compare and order decimals

Look through the Powerpoint below. Then have a go at lining up the decimal cards. Finally, give the worksheet a go! These are chilli challenged (1 star - Mild, 2 stars - Hot, 3 stars - Flamin' Hot). The answers are also on there!


L: A recipe for happy me

Look through the Powerpoint, then write a recipe for happiness!




Complete the arithmetic paper below. The answers are at the end for you to mark it afterwards.




Today you need to write up you monologue from the plan you wrote yesterday. Remember this is your writing assessment for this half term, so bring it into school for us when you are back. You can use things to help you, like a dictionary, but it should be your own independent writing. 


L: Recognising common decimal equivalents

Watch the Oak Academy video here on recognising common decimal equivalents.

Then, create a poster like the one below to show the common equivalents.


Complete at least 3 Just Dances of your choice - these can all be found on Youtube!


L: Understanding Pulse and Rhythm

Watch the Oak Academy video here on understanding pulse and rhythm.



Ask someone at home to test you on your spellings for this week!


L: Times tables

Spend at least half an hour on TT Rockstars practicing your times tables!


L: When do Christians remember Jesus' death and resurrection? 

Read the the information on the Powerpoint, and watch the videos linked. Then, write a paragraph to answer the L of this lesson.


L: Create a piece of work inspired by William Morris

Look through the examples of William Morris' work. Then, using any media you like, create a piece of work inspired by him. This could be a painting, sculpture, drawing or anything you like! Make sure to also name your work.