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Week 6, beginning 7.2.22




Look at the Powerpoint about Standard English. Then, give the worksheet below a go.


Look at the Powerpoint about comparing and ordering fractions, joining in with the activities as you go. After that, have a go at the fluency and reasoning below.


L: Life cyces of amphibians and insects

Look at the Powerpoint on metamorphosis. Then, see if you can research information to fill in the activity sheet (this sheet is chilli challenged - 1 star is Mild, 2 stars are Hot and 3 are Flamin' Hot). Finally, do some research to draw a table to compare the similarities and differences between the life cycle of amphibians and insects.


This link may be useful:




L: Comprehension

Have a go at the comprehension about Greta Thunberg. The document contains the text, questions and answers so it would be best if this could be printed to complete. It is also chilli challenged - one star is Mild, two stars is Hot and three stars is Flamin' Hot.


L: Compare and order fractions greater than 1

Read through the Powerpoint about comparing and ordering fractions greater than 1. Have a go at the chilli challenged questions on the slides (answers are at the end). Then, have a go at the reasoning below.


L: Resolving conflict

Have a read through the conflict resolution Powerpoint. Then, write a story about somebody who resolved conflict in the right way - this could be someone famous or a fictional character!


L: Create an information page

On Word, create an informative page using the skills we have learned over the last few weeks. You can choose what subject the information is about - I would recommend doing something you are interested in. Some ideas are: The Ancient Greeks, football, your favourite film or game. The instructions from the last few weeks are below if you would like to check them again.




L: Comparing and ordering fractions

Watch the video on Oak Academy here about converting mixed numbers to improper fractions. Then, have a go at the work below. It is chilli challenged according to the stars on the bottom left - one star is Mild, two is Hot and three is Flamin' Hot. The answers also appear after the worksheet, so you can mark your work once you're done.


L: Analyse a text

Look at the Oliver Twist extract below. Then, answer the questions as best you can. This work is chilli challenged!


L: Life in Victorian Schools

Look through the Powerpoint below. Then, have a go at the tasks outlined on the Powerpoint.




L: Arithmetic

Have a go at the arithmetic paper. The answers are at the end for you to mark.


L: Free write

Watch this video, then complete a piece of writing about it. Use your creativity! It is up to you what you write but some ideas are: write a diary entry as the main character, write a newspaper report about what happened or write an account of what happened in the eyes of the camel.



L: Saying you or someone else is hungry, hot or cold
Complete this French lesson on Oak Academy and have a go at the task at the end of the video.




Ask someone at home to test you on this weeks spellings.



L: Equivalent fractions

Today we are doing an active maths session! Print off or write down the fractions below. Then, time yourself and see how quickly you can pair them up with the equivalent fractions. Can you get faster?

Guided Reading

L: Answer it, Prove it, Explain it (APE)

Have a look through the Powerpoint on how to use APE. Then, have a go at the questions.


L: Children's mental health week

Watch the assembly on Children's Mental Health week here (make sure to watch the Primary version). Then, create your own support balloon as they did in the video.