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Week beginning 12.7.21

Good Morning Year 5!

We hope you are all well and had a positive day yesterday.  It was great to see some of you on Teams in the afternoon.

The overview timetable for the rest of the week is below.

The work for the rest of the week is under each daily heading. 

Please do contact us via chat on MS Teams or the school office if we can help with anything. 

Take care, 

Mrs Beddow, Mrs Howell, Miss Bragg and Miss Summers. 


Work for Monday 12th July 2021

English - Write a newspaper report


There is work set on Mathletics for today. 

Please message your class teacher on MS Teams if you need your log on details. 

PSD - Well Being Catch up

There is an invite on MS Teams for your PSD session at 1pm today. 

Reading on MyOn

Later in the week we will be doing a mini project on Japan to get ready for the next big sporting event of the year: The Olympics!

We would like you to do some reading on MyOn to support this. 

First book of the week is 'Japan's ABCs'.

Read and quiz on the book please.

Even better, make a 'Favourite facts about Japan poster' (based on this book only) and share with us via the shared work folder. 

Weekly Timetable - Year 5 from Tuesday 13th July


Please log on to the Live lesson at 11am.

Mild tasks are incorporated into the live lesson.

You will need a pencil, ruler (if you have one) and some plain paper. 

Click here to watch the video which explains the learning and the tasks. 

Reading on MyOn

Continue your research into Japan and the Olympics.  If you haven't read a book on Japan yet, please read and quiz on one of these:



If you have found out enough about Japan as you would like to, now it's time to move to researching sports and the Olympic Games.  Choose one of the books below and read and quiz on it.  Make a list of your top 5 favourite facts from each book to help you remember them.  



Wednesday 14th July 


L: Converting units of time 

Click here to watch the video which explains how to convert units of time. 

Then complete the tasks below, which will allow you to apply your learning (not BBC Bitesize like it says on the video).

You should all complete the fluency tasks. 

You can then choose whether to complete the active maths task or the worksheet alternative.

Finally, there are some challenge cards.




Join the live lesson at 11am with Mrs Howell. The PowerPoint will be uploaded after the lesson if you are unable to attend. 



L: What have I learnt about the Maya?


Think back on all of the learning we have done this half term about Ancient Maya. We have learnt about their lifestyle, food, beliefs and lots more. Your task today is to create a poster, leaflet of PowerPoint presentation to showcase your knowledge.


The task has been set on MS Teams and will appear at 1pm for you to get on with this afternoon.


 Mrs Howell will be available for help during a drop in session 1:30-2pm.

Thursday 15th July


L:Test your knowledge of the Ancient Maya!

Live lesson click here to join at 9:30am. 


L: Finding and comparing volumes


Work through the PowerPoint below, completing the worksheets when you are asked to. Make sure you read your instructions carefully. 

Drop in session at 11am with Mrs Howell - click here to join

Games - Cricket


Practise your cricket skills! Follow the link and choose some activities from 'Chance to Shine'.

Friday 16th July 


Everyone should join our BRICKS awards assembly here at 9am



Reading assessment: Non–fiction and poetry


Please complete the remaining two sections of our reading assessment.

Give yourself 1 hour and work independently.


Joint the optional drop in session with Mrs Howell here from 10.30-11am if you want to go through any answers together.

Answers will be uploaded later in the day for you to check your work. 

Catch up session with your class teacher on Teams




Reflect on the time you have had in Year 5. What have you enjoyed? What have been your favourite lessons? What have been your favourite subjects? What have you enjoyed learning about the most? What has been memorable?


Using your reflection, create a transition leaflet/poster for Year 4 about what they can expect of Year 5. You can present this however you like, handwritten or on the computer. Make sure you include lots of detail!