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Year 5 - Week 2 (11.1.21)

Timetable for the week

Please click here to watch a video explaining the learning for this week.

Class Reader - Charlie Morphs into a Mammoth.

  The first 3 parts of our class reader are on last week's remote learning pages.

Click below to listen on ....

- Chapter 3 read by Miss Summers

- Chapter 4, part 1 read by Mrs Beddow




Log onto MyON.  The username and password are the same as for your Accelerated Reader account.

Click on the animals icon and browse to find a book you like. 

We recommend the Zoo Animal Mystery Series or Life Cycle of Mammals.

You should take an Accelerated Reader quiz on one of these books by the end of the week please.

This week we have set you a creative task for grammar which links to your science learning and allows you to apply your grammar knowledge and skills. Click on 'Almost an Animal Alphabet' to see the picture book which inspired this task and then here to watch the video which explains how to make the mini-book.




Picture Book Challenge

Listen to the story, 'Ice Bear' by Nicola Davies.

When you have finished, log on to Accelerated Reader and complete the quiz.




Click here to watch the video explaining how to multiply 4 digits by 2 digits for Monday's task.


Click here to watch the video explaining how to divide up to 4 digits by 1 digit without remainders for Tuesday's task.


Click here to watch the video explaining how to divide up to 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders for Wednesday's task.

Foundation Subjects                                                                                                               

PSD & Mindfulness (Monday)

In Spring Term 1, our theme is 'Dreams and Goals'.

Lesson One - L: to identify what my life might be like when I grow up

Complete the lesson tasks and ONE  of the Mindfulness Colouring tasks.

Here is the link to the 'When I grow up...' song from Matilda. 

Science (Tuesday)

Recap prior learning: How can I classify animals into groups?

Click here to watch the video that starts off this week's science learning and then click on the quick quiz for a recap on last week's learning, using the book 'Killer Creatures'.


This week we will be learning about the Life Cycle of Mammals.

L: Are the life cycles of mammals all the same?

Click the picture to watch the video and complete the lesson from the Oak Academy Website.

*Note* - Click 'NEXT' to go straight to the video, as the Oak Academy previous learning quiz is different to our previous learning.


Science Tasks to Complete 

1. Watch the video above and complete the exit quiz.

2. Draw the bar chart which shows the gestation period of different species of mammals.

3. Match up the meaning of the key words to their definitions.

4. Describing Reproduction activity sheet - put the stages of reproduction into the correct order

5. Make a Life Cycle Wheel.  Choose ONE of the life cycle wheels to make.  There is an example for each of the 3 different kinds of mammal.





This week we will be expanding our understanding of perspective drawing. Watch the video, and then have a go at drawing a scene using perspective alongside the video.



This week in history, you will be comparing Queen Victoria to our Queen, Queen Elizabeth 11. Use the links on the ppt to help you with your research.


Watch the video about 'World Religion Day'. Then, have a go at one of the two tasks outlined on the document - either a crossword or a sorting task. These can both be found below. If you do not have a printer, I would recommend drawing a table and attempting the sorting activity by drawing a symbol or writing the religion's name instead.