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Year 5 - Week 2 (1.3.21)


Click on the link below to view this week's timetable.

Click here to watch this week's overview video. 

Daily activities                                                                               


Click here to login to Real P.E at home.

This week we want you to look at ‘floor work. When you have logged in, select KS2 and then find the floor work button on the left hand side.


Complete the ‘front curling’ activity and record your result before having a go at any of the skills. We will then revisit this activity on Friday after you have practised the skills to see if you have improved your score.


Each day, practise one of the skills. A suggestion would be to start on blue and either work your way down to red if it is too challenging, or up to pink if it is too easy. Focus on the language and do not rush – ‘maintaining balance’, ‘rotate fluently’, ‘only one foot in contact with the floor’. If you do not have a tennis ball, why not try with a pair of socks or a teddy.


On Friday, we will be using these skills in some activities.


This week, your spelling rule is: statutory words.


Complete the activity found on your spellings sheet which is: Put each word in to a sentence to show you understand. Challenge: Put as many words as you can in to 1 sentence (It must make sense).


You can also practise your spellings using the spelling menu or by completing the word mats found below.


Guided Reading

This week we have looked at the mini books available to buy with your World Book Day £1 voucher and chosen one of those for our RIC task today.  You can view all the books here - which one would you like to spend your voucher on? Vote here!


Watch the video of the authors Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton from the World Book day website here, explaining your task. You are to write a mystery story about someone stealing the World Cup Trophy. Listen carefully about what they have to say and use the document below to help you come up with your ideas. 


L: Subtract 2 mixed numbers


Watch the lesson video here explaining how we subtract 2 mixed numbers. Complete the chilli challenged questions on the video, followed by the reasoning worksheet found below. ​​​


L: The effects of alcohol on the human body.

Read the information and complete the task underneath. 


L: To answer a question and express my opinion in French

Watch the lesson video explaining how to express your opinion on different types of fruit. Then, using the worksheets to help (you can print these if you'd rather) write sentences to express your opinion on that fruit, as outlined in the video.


Guided reading

Listen to David Walliams read Chapter 1 of his latest book, 'Code Name Bananas' here.

Art (linked to World Book Day)

L: To design a costume for a Peter Pan character


Watch the lesson video about how to design a fantastic costume for a character. Then, choose one character from Peter Pan and design a costume for them ahead of watching the National Theatre Production. Make it as imaginative as possible!


L: Multiply unit fractions by an integer


Click on the lesson video here explaining todays learning. A unit fraction is a fraction that has 1 as the numerator and an integer is a number. Then, complete worksheet.


Mild - all fluency and reasoning 1 and 2

Hot - all fluency and all reasoning

Flamin' Hot - all fluency, reasoning and problem solving.


L: The life cycle of a flowering plant


Watch the lesson video exploring the different stages of a flowering plants life cycle. Your task is to create a poster explaining the 5 different stages of the life cycle, including how pollination helps this. 


Below are 2 posters which may help you.


Guided reading

'Just Listen' to the Graphic Novel audio-book version of Peter Pan on MyOn.  (You will need your MyOn Log-in).


L: To write a character description of a character in Peter Pan



L: Multiplying non-unit fractions by an integer.


Watch the lesson video here which follows on from yesterdays lesson. A non-unit fraction is a fraction which has a number greater than 1 as the numerator. Your task has been set on MS Teams and can be found below. 

Watch a production of 'Peter Pan'.

Discuss with a grown-up in your household which Peter Pan production you are going to watch and use the links in the timetable to access it.  Enjoy!  

If you decide to watch the production at another time, start Thursday's creative Peter Pan task today and give yourself longer to do it. 


Guided reading

LIVE LESSON (All to attend)

It's World Book Day and we're going to talk about books!  

L: to discuss our favourite books and recommend books to each other. 

Please think of the book you would like to recommend before the session.  If you have a copy of it at home, bring it with you to show us!


L: To use the 8 compass points to describe routes on a map

Click here to watch the lesson video first


Please complete the below arithmetic paper. Give yourselves 20 minutes to see how much you can do. Have you noticed you can answer some of the fractions questions a little easier now? All we ask is you try your best! 

Peter Pan Creative Task

You will be creating a design or model of a Neverland Theme Park! Watch the lesson video here. Please use the link below to send us your photographs of your Neverland Themed Peter Pan Theme Parks so we can create a whole school gallery of your lovely work.  We are looking forward to see all your fabulous drawings, models or other creations!


Guided reading

Independent Skill: Write a review of the book you recommended yesterday

Use the template below to help you or design your own if you prefer!


Theme Park problem solving


As you have been exploring Peter Pan and have hopefully created your own Never Land theme park, we would like you to answer some theme park themed maths questions.


Blue questions are worth 1 token

Orange questions are worth 2 tokens

Red questions are worth 3 tokens


After you have answered the questions, work out which rides you could go on with the amount of tokens you have earnt.



Login in to Real P.E at home.


Revisit the ‘Front Curling’ activity you should have completed previously in the week. Have another go at it. Has your score improved? How have the skills you have been practicing helped this?


Complete the ‘reverse formation’ task.


Complete the ‘front support hockey game’.


Remember there are videos to help you.


How did you find these activities? Were they easy? Hard? Which muscles did you feel being used the most? Which sports do you think you would use these skills in later in life?