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Year 5 - week 3 (8.3.21 For pupils self isolating)

Below you will find work for this week. You may complete tasks in whichever order you choose. Work can be uploaded to the website as before.


L: Make Predictions based on evidence

Guided Reading

 Complete one activity each day (Tues-Fri)


Complete this grammar booklet during the week. Answers are at the end of the booklet. 


This week, your spelling rule is: Root words.


Complete the activity found on your spellings sheet which is: Choose 5 words from your list - put each one in to a newspaper headline.


You can also practise your spellings using the spelling menu or by completing the word mats found below.


L: Finding fractions of amounts.


Work your way through these 2 Oak academy maths lessons.


Lesson 1 - finding unit fractions of amounts


Lesson 2 - finding non-unit fractions of amounts.


You should also be regularly accessing TT Rockstars and Mathletics. 


L: Germination

Why do plants need flowers?

Outcome - understand the importance of germination and pollination in a plant's life cycle.

Watch the Oak Academy video here.

Complete the worksheet that goes with it here


L: 6 Figure Grid References


L: Replicate a pattern created by William Morris.


L: Who and what in or lives deserves respect?

In school we made a list of people, ideas or things that deserve our respect. We talked about how important it is to respect ourselves too.  We then linked our PSD discussion to science and talked about how we need to respect our planet, Mother Earth and look after our environment.  Here are your tasks:

Task 1:  Make a list of positive, happy thoughts. 

Task 2: How does your garden grow? 

Draw a rectangle on a piece of paper.  In the space draw plants and flowers, fruits or vegetables that you would like to grow in our Year 5 allotment space. 


Click here to login to Real P.E at home.

This week we want you to look at ‘floor work. When you have logged in, select KS2 and then find the floor work button on the left hand side.


Complete the ‘front curling’ activity and record your result before having a go at any of the skills. We will then revisit this activity on Friday after you have practised the skills to see if you have improved your score.


Each day, practise one of the skills. A suggestion would be to start on blue and either work your way down to red if it is too challenging, or up to pink if it is too easy. Focus on the language and do not rush – ‘maintaining balance’, ‘rotate fluently’, ‘only one foot in contact with the floor’. If you do not have a tennis ball, why not try with a pair of socks or a teddy.


On Friday, we will be using these skills in some activities.