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Year 5 - Week 4 (15.3.21)

Learning for Monday 15th March 2021

Maths: Please complete the 2 worksheets below on fractions


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Choose at least 2 books to read and quiz on.  You could choose your own or try the recommendations below.


PSD - Please complete the RIC and watch the video clip

L: Emergency First Aid

Watch the video on the St. John's Ambulance Brigade Website and practice how to do it on a family member.



In Science today we are dissecting a flower to learn more about the parts of a flower and what their purpose is.

Read the information on the slides below and complete the tasks.

Now read this book on MyOn and take the quiz on Accelerated Reader.

Learning for Tuesday 16th March 2021



L: How can I convert tenths from fractions to decimals?

Read through the information in the lesson document and apply your learning by answering the questions on the worksheet. 

Read the document above to recap the use of 'parenthesis' and apply your learning by writing 100 words about one of the pictures on the final slide.