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Year 6 - w.b. 01.02.21

Click here to watch the introduction to this week's home learning. 

Reading for Pleasure

Oak Academy's Virtual Library book continues to be 'The Girl who Stole an Elephant' by Nizrana Farook.


The MyOn Graphic Novel recommendation for this week is 'The Lost World'.  This version is adapted by David Rodriguez.

Monday 01.02.21


Lesson Guidance

Some interesting facts about Germany can be found here!

Tuesday 02.02.21


Lesson Guidance

Further Reading on MyOn

Some of the myths above, and some different ones, can be found in this book which is available to read and quiz on on MyOn.


Wednesday 03.02.21


Lesson Guidance

Thursday 04.02.21


Lesson Guidance

Friday 05.02.21


Lesson Guidance