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Year 6 - w.b.18.01.21

Click here to watch the introduction video to this week's home learning.
If you would like more e-books to read at home, Oak National Academy are now publishing one free e-book a week on their website.  Click here to take a look and discover this week's book.
Monday 18.01.21


Lesson Guidance

If you would like to find out more about the Woolly Mammoth or Hyena before you decide to cook and eat them, you might like to log into MyOn and read one of these books!  Finally, camping nowadays is obviously very different to Stone Age life - why not have a look at the 'Camping for Kids' book to discover more?


Tuesday 19.01.21


Lesson Guidance

Wednesday 20.01.21


Lesson Guidance

Thursday 21.01.21


Lesson Guidance

Year 5 & Year 6 Picture Book Challenge

Choose a picture book from the one's below to listen to and then take the quiz on Accelerated Reader.

The quiz number needed for taking the quiz on Accelerated Reader is below the book. 


Yellow & Green                  Yellow & Green                      Yellow

Quiz Number =                  Quiz Number =              Quiz Number = 

211416                                     234135                        218351

Friday 22.01.21


Lesson Guidance