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Greswold's Community Garden

In September 2015, Greswold received funding from the Big Lottery Fund to develop a new community garden. Mrs Cooper, who as been behind lots of developments in our school grounds, was responsible for the application. With the funding secured, it was over to Gro Organic who took on the job of building the garden. 


The garden was developed in a rather tired looking part of the KS2 playground. The first job was to take up all of the slabs and get rid of the clutter. Supplies for the project arrived including earth for the planting beds and plenty of chippings. Seating for class learning was added and posts erected for the canopy.

Raised planting beds were constructed and installed. There are six in the garden. A smart new shed was installed on some of the existing slabs. The fence was also given a good clean with a pressure washer which made it look as good as few. The bark went down and a water butt was installed which collects water from the shed's room. The canopy was also erected to provide shade on sunny days or shelter against rain.
The finished result was the fantastic garden below which was ready for action...
In the Spring term, children from Year 4 got busy in the garden digging the soil and planting seeds as part of a 'Wellies 2 Bellies' project. There was a range of fruit and vegetables planted in the beds. The children also made bird feeders and a 'Bug plaza' for the local invertebrates to enjoy.
Gardening Club were responsible for tending to the garden over the next few months, ensuring the plants were watered and weeds removed. Eventually it was time to harvest the fruit and vegetables - a very exciting moment.
While the children enjoyed eating some of the produce, they also held a garden sale after school. There were big queues for the fresh fruit and vegetables which included onions, carrots, raspberries and lettuce. All fresh and organic! The money raised will go back into buying more seeds for next year.
So it has been a fantastic year of growing at Greswold. We look forward to using the garden again next year to produce our next crop. Many thanks to everyone involved with supporting the project.