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Our Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum

Curriculum Intent


For every child to experience and gain an appreciation of the many languages around the world and to gain the skill and enthusiasm for learning a language, both in oral and in written forms. At Greswold, learning languages helps our children to appreciate the diversity of languages and cultures in our own school community and the world. Pupils learn through engaging media such as song and role-play to start the building blocks of learning a language. Through gaining a thirst of languages, we hope to provide our children with the chance to travel and study abroad in the future.


Please note that our curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages begins at the start of Key Stage 2 in Year 3.


Click here to view the National Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages.


Year 3


Children will have a taster year of Spanish, where they will begin their language learning journey at Greswold. They will learn conversational Spanish, which could be used if they were to visit a Spanish speaking country. This includes, greetings, numbers, colours, ordering food and getting around. Through the use of songs, role play, games and written activities, they will build up their vocabulary and their speaking and listening skills in Spanish with the aim of being able to speak in a short conversation with simple sentences by the end of the year. There will be links to Spanish in the real world, looking at Geography links of place and culture.


Year 4


In Year 4, children will be start a two year curriculum of French language learning - this is their chance to build up to being able to hold conversations on different topics and gain confidence in one language.  Year 4 French focusses on children being able to talk about themselves: learning greetings, how to talk about their family and their hobbies. The children will start to make links between different languages and develop their skills of learning a language, including Grammar points.  Again, lessons will be taught in interactive ways with plenty of opportunity for role play, singing and practice.


Year 5


Year 5 will continue to build on French learning with the focus being more on visiting a French speaking country and having the language needed to do so. They will learn about foods, drinks, ordering food and how to get around. This will build up to an immersion style activity at the end of the year, where children will pretend to visit and be part of a real life French market, which will give them the opportunity to use all the language and skills learned over the two years. Children will be encouraged to make links between other languages and English and look for Grammar patterns and rules. They will focus mostly on conversational skills but there will be simple writing and reading activities as well to gain and build up vocabulary.


Year 6


Year 6 children will now have another taster language year in German. This will, again, give them the opportunity to make comparisons between different modern foreign languages and have an opportunity to sample other potential languages they may learn at secondary school. They will learn how to introduce themselves, how to order food and how to get around. They will also be given an opportunity to research and learn about an aspect of German of their own choosing – making it more personalised to them and their own interests.