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European and International Day of Languages at Greswold

Today marks the International Day of Languages.  Here at Greswold, we're extremely lucky and proud to have so many pupils who are multi-lingual, with over 30 languages other than English fluently spoken, including:


Arabic Russian Hindi Urdu Kannada
Polish Tamil Spanish Tamil Telugu
Chinese Bengali Gujarati French Malayalam 
Turkish Croatian Hungarian Persian Esan
Cantonese  Pashto/Pakhto Greek Turkish Sindhi
Norwegian  Kurdish  Albanian Marathi  Ukrainian 


With this in mind, it was so important to celebrate today's event.  As well as this wonderful display near the main entrance, there is a language focus in school each term as well as an updated Modern Foreign Languages scheme being implemented this year.  Finally, after school on a Friday, we have an outside provider (Madame Lamarti) who provides a languages club.