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Greswold leading the way in recycling

As you may well gather, this time of year in school, there's a great deal of sorting out to do, especially if teachers are moving classrooms.  Here at Greswold though, we ensure that we don't just randomly throw things away.  Every class has a recycling box for paper and card, the staffroom contains recycling for card, plastic, glass and tins and there are a host of other sustainable initiatives that the school has in place.


You may have noticed school has accumulated al lot of second-hand school uniform which it sold at the recent summer fayre or distributed to families.  The uniform that is still left (7 bags!) will be taken, by teachers, to various charity shops around Solihull so not to be wasted.


Felt tip pens are other items which can easily be tossed away with general waste but here at Greswold, we have recycling stations to store used pens which can then be recycled properly.  Look out for one such station in the entrance foyer!


Milk carton tops are currently being saved by all members of our school community.  These will in turn be used to help fund another school defibrillator, a wonderful and useful way to recycle things people might sometimes take for granted!  Again, there is another collection station for these outside the school office. 


Finally, any story or non-fiction books which are no longer needed are earmarked for other children across the world.  We fund the postage of used books (£8 per 20kg) to Africa in partnership with Books2Africa charity.  The following link provides information about the charity: 


However Greswold is always looking for other ways to become even more sustainable and would be happy to hear from members of our school community with ideas and initiatives of their own to help us.