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Solihull College parent workshops prove a hit with Greswold school community!

At Greswold, we firmly believe that parents should be partners in learning. The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) published in 2018 that 'Parental engagement has a positive impact on average of 4 months’ additional progress. It is crucial to consider how to engage with all parents to avoid widening attainment gaps. 


Therefore, through working in partnership with Solihull College, we have been able to launch and run a series of parental workshops, the first of which has been focussing on understanding of grammar to support children in key stage one and two. The workshops have been that popular that within one day of sharing these with our parental community, the number of parents/carers showing interest was over double the size of the cohort we were able to offer.


Therefore, we look forward to offering more workshops in the future.