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Whole school assembly helps to highlight important messages for this final term

All children from Reception to Year 6 were invited to this morning's whole school assembly.  Although a bit of a squeeze, all 630 children, along with all staff, were involved in an assembly which helped to reiterate some very important messages for the final term ahead.


Using some traffic warning signs, similar to those around the local area, Mrs Scott and Mr Hornsey reminded the children of how things help us to keep safe.  However, in Greswold we don't have school rules but instead, we use six key values (BRICKS) which help us to demonstrate positive traits and habits. 


British Values and the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of a Child were also referenced as well as our lunchtime charters for corridors, halls and outdoor spaces.


The children were also reminded of what to do if something goes wrong at lunchtime or they become upset due to a friendship issue.  If a child isn't able to resolve a problem themselves or with the help of their friends, then there are both lunchtime supervisors and play leaders available to ask for help.  Children were also encouraged to tell their class teacher or staff, at the start of the afternoon, if they haven't been able to speak to someone up to that point.  This is to help school resolve any issues on the same day so that problems don't fester or become longer term issues. 


Well done to Y1 Hedgehogs (98%) and Y6 Willows (98%) who had the best attendances for the final week of last term.