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Year 6 visit the Metro bank in Solihull town centre as part of their community partnership work

During the second half of the autumn term, Year 6 had three visits from staff at Metro Bank in Solihull centre.  These visits involved the children learning about savings, what interest is, the difference between debit and credit, what investment is and how to balance an account. 


This week, each class had the opportunity to visit Metro Bank in Solihull and find out what happens inside a real bank. Children got to see how an ATM works, how a bank card is made, how you can take your coins in to be counted and they even got to look inside the bank's vault. They also learned about different roles you could have in a bank.


Pupils really enjoyed the opportunity, behaved impeccably and showed our values throughout.  

Well done Year 6. We hope the skills you have acquired will be put to good use in the future!