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Year 5 - Week 3 (18.1.21)


Click here to watch a video explaining the overview of week 3.

Daily activities                                                                             

These activities that should completed every day for a short period of time.


​​​Choose 2 of the NETFLEX activities to do each day. Your main P.E activity for the week will be on Friday.


Take part in the Active Together 2021 competition by completing this log with your family. You can find all the details here!


Your spelling rule for this week is -ably and -ibly.

Click here to view a short video explaining this rule.


Complete the worksheet below on one of the days, and then complete an activity from the spelling menu on all the other days.


Keep reading everyday: 20 minutes of reading is the recommended amount.

Choose one of your own books from home or look on the timetable for further suggestions from either MyOn or stories recorded for you on the website.  We encourage you to join Solihull Library online as well so that you can access their e-book library for free, but you will need your parent or carer's help and permission to do this.   Oak National Academy are now publishing one free e-book a week on their website.  Click here to take a look and discover this week's book. The Year 5 class reader is also below!

Class Reader

Click here for Chapter 4 part one


Click here for Chapter 4 part two 


Click here for Chapter 5



Read through the ppt on relative clauses and work your way through the 2 tasks.


L: Solve division word problems with remainders.

Click here to watch today's video explaining your task.

Please note, since uploading the video, we have realised the the explanation videos in the main video DO NOT WORK. Please click on the video links below to watch them alongside the video.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5


Watch the video which explains the learning and tasks for today's lesson.

L: explore and investigate jobs and the contribution they make to our society.


The resources below could be printed, but don't need to be.  We will be thinking about putting jobs into an order of importance according to different criteria.  You could print the cards and cut them out to sort them, or you could write the words onto pieces of paper and use those instead. 

Further Reading on MyOn

There are lots of information books about jobs and careers on MyOn.  When you log on, type 'jobs' into the search option.  Here are some of the the titles that come up, but there are lots more to explore!



Guided Reading 
Click here for lesson video


L: Apply multiplication and division skills to word problems.


Click here to view today's video explaining the work.


This week we will be learning about the Life Cycle of Birds.

L: Why do birds lay eggs?

Watch the Oak National Academy Video which explains the life cycle of a bird:


The videos referred to within the lesson should be watched within the 'Worksheet' section of the Oak National Academy lesson.  If you can't find this worksheet, please use the link below.  An example table for Task 1 in the timetable can be found here too.  

 Click your way through the arrows at the bottom of the worksheet. 


Further Reading to support your learning

You might like to try some further reading to expand and deepen your knowledge about the life cycle of birds.  If you would like to choose a book of your own about a particular species of bird, that is also fine!




The resources below could be printed, but don't need to be.  You could draw the worksheet out on paper instead, or if you are being asked to match key terms to definitions,, you could write down the numbers and letters that go together. 

Everyone should compete the table showing the showing the stages in the life of the Barn Owl and you should then choose one only of the other tasks. 


Guided Reading 

Today is the just read/listen lesson. You can either click below to hear Mrs Howell read the 3 chapters.


Click here to listen to Chapters 6-8

Or open the pdf below to read it to yourself
Click here for lesson video


L: Multiplication and division revision


Click here to view today's video explaining the task.


L: To draw a street scene using perspective


Click here to view today's video talking you through how to draw a street scene. You can find the picture we are drawing below.


Guided Reading 

You will be sent an invite to a live teams meeting with your teacher for this Guided Reading lesson.

We would like you all to attend this live lesson.

The PowerPoint below is what we will be doing.

Lesson video here


Give yourself 20 minutes to complete the arithmetic paper below. When you have finished, mark your work with the answers at the bottom of the page. Don't worry if you find some of the questions challenging. Good luck!

Click here for lesson video

Year 5 & Year 6 Picture Book Challenge

Choose a picture book from the one's below to listen to and then take the quiz on Accelerated Reader.

The quiz number needed for taking the quiz on Accelerated Reader is below the book. 


Yellow & Green                   Yellow                       Yellow & Green

Quiz Number =                   Quiz Number =         Quiz Number = 

234135                                  218351                   211416


Guided Reading


Click here for lesson video. 


Please complete the 3 Mathletics tasks that have been assigned to you and then spend 20 minutes TT Rockstars


A useful video that might help with some of the long division questions can be found here.


Watch the video of the Very Hungry Dog in French. See if you can learn any of the food vocabulary in French that the dog eats. Below is also the script so you can see the individual items of food.