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Remote learning - w.b. 3.1.22




This week we are learning about homophones - these are words that sound the same but have different meanings. Look at the lesson below BBC Learning about the homophones their, there and they're.


Click here to access the lesson.


Can you use each of the words in your own sentences? Try to write two sentences for each word.




Watch this remote learning lesson with Mrs Frankland about the story Brave and the Fox.


Write your own story map on a piece of plain piece of paper.




Today we are looking at making equal groups. First let's recap equal groups.

Now go onto the lesson below. The worksheet for the lesson is available below if you have a printer, or use it on-screen.

PE - Gymnastics


This lesson from the Oak Academy takes you through some balancing skills. Make sure you have a clear space to take part.


Click here to open to the lesson.




To, two and too are also homophones. 


Click here to try a lesson from BBC Bitesize.


You can then try the activity below. Write the work onto a piece of paper - or complete on the sheet.



Yesterday we read the story Brave and the Fox. You might like to listen to Mrs Frankland read the story again by using the video below. Listen from 1:20 to 10:15. Click here if you would like to listen to the story again.


Today's lesson doesn't have a video. Look at the presentation to look at problems and solutions. There is then a learning task where you need to draw or write the solution to each problem in the story.



In today's lesson you will be continuing to learn about repeated addition and also find out about the multiplication symbol.


You can write 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 as 4 x 2. This means 4 lots of 2. We can say that as 4 times 2 or 4 multiplied by 2.


Watch the White Rose lesson below. The sheets are available below the lesson video.



Today you are going to learn about colour in art. For this lesson you will need some plain paper and coloured pencils, crayons or felt tips.


Click here to watch the video from Oak Academy.